Hashimoto Corporation

Established in 1925
Hashimoto Corporation is an expart cordinator of industrial rubber, plastic,
assembling metal equipments, and facilities of machinery in Japan.
We would assist your advanced business.

Our Policy
 1. Integrity and Diligence
 2.  Advance and Development
 3. Co-existence and co-prosperity each other


<Anti-vibration mounts>



Kurashiki Kako brand
 ( for many kinds of industrial solutions )

Metalastik® cushy float
( for boats engines or generators )

Metalastik® cushy mount XK
( for middle vessel engines
 or generatoes )

Metalastik® Super-D
( for large vessel engines
 or generators )


STS belt

timing belts

belt cleaner

mesh type belt

industrial conveyor belt
( for construction )

industrial conveyor belt
 ( for food industry )

<Rubber/Elastomers products>

  O rings



NR sheet

Air Spring

Rubber sponge

Urethane sheet

<Metal products>

Metal Joints  

Clamp Manifold


Joint Equipments


hydraulic hose

metal joint elbow

heat-insulation hose

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